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    Default Re: Fingerprint Reader and the Dell Studio 1555, possible?

    Quote Originally Posted by alexnor View Post
    Ther backlight on the keyboard wasn't working. The problem was that it came loose due to typing, so if you plugged it back in it just came out again a week later. Plus the media control panel did a similar thing where the cable would come out, and then you'd plug it back in and it would be out 2 weeks later. So I called them up about that and they told me I'd have to send to depot. I told them I couldn't because I needed it for school (which was true...studying for finals with no notes is not my cup of tea), so they told me to call back when I could. I tried calling in a few times to see about another solution, and at one point a rep said they would exchange my system even though it was outside the 30 days or whatever it is. So they said they'd call me back, and never did. And when I called them up and told them about it they wouldn't do anything. I filed a complaint and they just offered to expedite depot service. I just held onto the laptop, and a few other problems cropped up (hinge would pop open when I closed the screen, it was overheating).

    Finally school was over a couple weeks ago so I sent it in once, and it came back still with the hinge cover and keyboard backlight not working. Heatsink and media panel were replaced and worked flawlessly. Sent it in a second time, and it came back again, now with the speakers not working, a completely new problem for me. So I called them up and they told me to send it in again, and I asked to speak to a manager. He looked into what he could do and offered either depot service or a system exchange.

    Long story short, it's on it's way now, plus I get a brand new 1555 with a T6400 (up from a 5750) and DDR2-800, the Intel PM45 and all that new stuff. I knew the print reader wasn't available on the 1555 from Dell and these threads and stuff, but I figured I'd call and get myself the assurance for later when it shows up without one.

    That facial recognition stuff would be great once we see what happens I'm so used to just swiping for passwords now I hate typing them in. Makes me feel a little spoiled to say that.
    That's quite a horror story...ah well. Good to know at least you're getting a replacement with slightly better specs.

    And I know what you mean about typing passwords...I'm too used to just looking at my webcam to log in.
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    Default Re: Fingerprint Reader and the Dell Studio 1555, possible?

    Once again, who's willing to open their Studio 1555 and see if it's got the slot?
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    Default Re: Fingerprint Reader and the Dell Studio 1555, possible?

    Alright so they took "I want a fingerprint reader or something to make up for not having one" as "Cancel my order if I can't get a fingerprint reader". So I guess it's not possible at all to get on the 1555 after all.

    They didn't call me, but I was checking the status on my account today, and it showed as cancelled. Called them up and got transferred through about 6 reps, finally got one who said they cancelled the order because I had wanted a fingerprint reader and wouldn't be getting one. She escalated the issue and would call me back within 2 days. Meanwhile, I have no replacement on the way until I hear from them. The saga goes on....
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