Hello all, I tried to search the forums but haven't come to the same problem, but I'm sure its out there.

I have (well my fathers) a U52F. When I plug the AC adapter into the laptop the touchpad goes all jumpy and randomly clicks on stuff. I can not use it while the AC adapter is plugged in. I tried my wife's AC adapter also (also an ASUS laptop). I have updated drivers, deleted drivers. The ac adapter is the one that came with the laptop. My father said this started a few weeks ago. This laptop also gets used a small amount so really who knows how long its been like this. I have tried multiple outlets, and some with and without surge protection. All the same. When I plug in the AC and the "AC adapter picture shows up on my screen" the touchpad starts to go nuts when ever I use it.

Well let me know if anyone has had this before.