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    Default Asus W5A DC Power Jack

    I have ASUS W5a notebook. Two weeks ago, DC power jack on motherboard was burnt down. I need to fix it. My notebook is out of warranty. Anybody can help me out?????

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    Default Re: Asus W5A DC Power Jack

    Sorry to hear about that - the W5 is one sweet little machine.

    One of the resellers here, Eddie (owner) over at BTOTech, does out of warranty repair work on Asus systems. You can pm him here (geared2play.com) or contact him through their company website at btotech.com for details.
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    Default Re: Asus W5A DC Power Jack

    Additionally, you should also check if perhaps the DC board is discrete (i.e., not integrated on the mainboard). If it is, then you might be able to buy it off ASUS eStore for a cheap price, and replace it yourself.

    Otherwise, perhaps Eddie will do some soldering and solve the problem cheaply -- on your own, you'd probably need to get a new mainboard which a) may be difficult with an old model and b) will cost 2-300 USD.
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    Default Re: Asus W5A DC Power Jack

    We do the repairs but it will cost about 140$ with shipping for this model.



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