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    Default ASUS web-site laptop info; bit of a WaMu...

    (WaMu being Washington Mutual, who recently imploded).

    So I'm interested enough in ASUS to want to check out their laptops. I know enough about what I want - Montevina, Penryn, decent NVIDIA or ATI adapter, fairly lightweight - to really narrow the choice down quite a bit.

    The ASUS web-site is organised by catagory - "Professional", "Multimedia", "Exterme Gaming"...

    Hmm. Useful, but only in the way a triple-A CDO tranch is useful; it lets you *think* you have something, when in fact you don't.

    The spec I want could exist in *any* of those catagories.

    So I slide into "Multimedia", just to see what's there.

    Each and every laptop is listed, one after the other, with a nice picture and a one sentence description, plus a link to "overview", "specification", "download".

    I count twenty-six laptops in total and the site is written so that I have to examine the specific of *EACH LAPTOP* to find the one I want.

    As I always do, I find it hard to comprehend that a serious company, with many, many millions of dollars in sales, has a web-site which is pure, unadulterated idiocy. I mean, dribbling, spittle-foaming-from-the-mouth, what's-this-thing-in-front-of-me-I've-never-seen-a-keyboard-before, gibbering *idiocy*.

    I find it hard to imagine a web-site failing so profoundly - let alone one belonging to - get this - *a major international company*.

    What goes on in these places when it comes to deciding who designs the web-site? do they only hire people who experienced a severe hypoxia episode and now spend most of their time staring into space? or do somehow all the secret LSD and crack users all congregate into the WWW division? I think I could see the ASUS web-site looking good, if I was on LSD and crack. Now it all makes sense!

    I wanted to email the site-master to explain the problem but - of course - there's no link to contact ASUS about the site.

    It's like a little black hole. The ASUS web-site has fallen inside it's own event horizon. Anything inside is lost forever. The ASUS web-developers are in there, spinning round and round, being sucked forever deeper and deeper into the black hole that is the ASUS web-site, totally high on LSD and crack, going "mannn! our web-site in INCREDIBLE! pass me some more crack, dude! ahhhhhh!"

    So I have a real simple point to make here to ASUS. You sort out your web-site so it doesn't waste my time, and then I'll see if you sell a product I want to buy. Until then, thanks for playing, but you lost.
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    Default Re: ASUS web-site laptop info; bit of a WaMu...

    So your saying your not buying an ASUS, because there website is lacking? Maybe you'll find the sites of some ASUS resellers a bit more useful?




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    Default Re: ASUS web-site laptop info; bit of a WaMu...

    What in carnation does this have to do with WaMu? Frankly I -like- Washington Mutual's website as it provides the info you need clearly and effectively.

    You have to remember that while ASUS is a large company; they do not perform sales directly to consumers in North America. All sales proceed through authorized resellers, which is why I -highly- recommend you take a gander at a resellers website. Those being, Newegg, and the additionally the stores Msl747 listed.
    Be careful who you knock...it would be a shame for you to pass over ASUS in general as there price to performance ratio is usually astoundingly good.

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    Default Re: ASUS web-site laptop info; bit of a WaMu...

    Although Asus's site is far from perfect, I don't think it's fair to judge them based on their website. Have you looked at Berkshire Hathaway's website (http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/)? It's plain, boring and looks like it's made by a 9th grader, despite the company's $200 billion value.
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