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    Default Asus Lifeframe - Copying ALL pictures?

    I have Asus Lifeframe on my V1S (inbuilt camera...which btw, is difficult to use with ANY other program!)

    Took a whole heap of random pictures through it today...was wondering where they are stored? You can copy them individually via lifeframe, but theres too many (50+) for me to do that!

    Any help!?

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    Default Re: Asus Lifeframe - Copying ALL pictures?

    vista or xp?
    Xp: C:\Program(files)\ASUS\LifeFrame2\LifeFrame
    vista: C:\Program Data\Asus\lifeframe2...

    I'm not 100% sure on the vista one, although I do know it's in the Program Data folder.

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    Default Re: Asus Lifeframe - Copying ALL pictures?

    @DeSiFiEd, it's been awhile since you posted that, and fabarati has supplied the answer. Just in case someone with Vista comes looking here, those pictures—as fabarati figured—are in:

    C:\Program Data\ASUS\LifeFrame2\LifeFrame

    Of course, your config might be slightly different, but that should be close enough for you to get to your pictures with no further trouble.
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    Default Re: Asus Lifeframe - Copying ALL pictures?

    can I change the storing folder for LifeFrame?



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