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    Default How to clean my Asus laptop

    I've never had a laptop before (I'll get the G2S soon) and I was wondering how to clean an Asus laptop. Do I need expensive chemical products to clean my screen and my keyboard or water will do the job? I'll spend 2500$ + tax, I want to take care of it!
    Is there something particular to know when cleaning an Asus laptop?
    Tx 4 help

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    Default Re: How to clean my Asus laptop

    Distilled water(or water even) and a simple microfibre cloth is good enough for the screen and keyboard. Though if you are really anal about it being clean, you can buy those anti-bacteria wipes and clean your notebook with it, just makes sure you don't touch the screen with it though. A can of compressed air is also a good idea, cleaning out the vents bi-weekly will ensure it won't get clogged.
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