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    Default Headphone Jack Does Not Work


    I am having some issues getting sound to play through my headphone jack on my Asus GS1 Laptop. It was working just fine one day and the next time I went to use it, probably two days later, it was not working. I tried updating the audio driver to make sure that wasn't causing it but still did not fix the issue. I am able to get sound out of my speakers but once I plug in my headphones I get nothing.

    Could someone please help. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Headphone Jack Does Not Work

    If speakers work through the headphone jack, then the jack must be good. Have you tried the headphones on a radio, or other device, over time the plugs do have a tendancy to loosen.
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    Default Re: Headphone Jack Does Not Work

    I think he means the laptop's speakers work, not external speakers.

    make sure the driver doesn't allow the headphone port to shut off.

    doesn't the G51 have 2 headphone ports? have you tried both?

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    Default Re: Headphone Jack Does Not Work

    i had the same problem on my g73jh and i tried everything until i opened up the laptop one day outta of curiosity and sure enough their was a cable unplugged..i plugged back in and WAM! sound through the headphone jack. idk if this will help you but at least it could get you thinking outside of anything software related and maybe more hardware.



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