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    Default How do you change resolution/dpi on Macbook Pros?

    I was at a busy apple store recently, looking at the 15.4" macbook pros. The resolution on these laptops are 1440X900. If one wants to change the resolution (i.e. to 1280X800) or the dpi, how is this done? On windows machines, you can do it via right-clicking on the desktop.


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    Default Re: How do you change resolution/dpi on Macbook Pros?

    Go to System Preferences > Display to change the screen resolution of the Mac.
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    Default Re: How do you change resolution/dpi on Macbook Pros?

    this isn't something you are going to want to do, the screen will look like **** if it isn't at its native resolution.

    what are you looking to change the resolution for? if you need to increase the text/icon size you can do that from your view settings in the menu bar, when you have finder open.

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    Default Re: How do you change resolution/dpi on Macbook Pros?

    go to the dock, and click on the light switch (system preferences) and go to the screen tabbie, and change the resolution from there.

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