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    Default Alienware M15x, kind of hot on the back bottom


    i get an Alienware M15x maybe there already a post about it but i cant fint it back basically after a one or two hours of playing the bottom of my laptop especially the plastic part is really hot (under the laptop the plastic part with the alienware written in alien character), however the other side keyboard part is not warm just the left part where its a little warm (maybe because of the heat generated by the hand put on the laptop continously since its the part where there is the wasd key)
    i was just wondering if it was okay since i heard a lot about alienware cooling system and if it was normal.

    thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Alienware M15x, kind of hot on the back bottom

    its your gpu getting hot from playing games, very normal. btw download hwmonitor to monitor your temps, but laptop getting warm is normal, especially gaming laptops.
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    Default Re: Alienware M15x, kind of hot on the back bottom

    Both the Cpu and the Gpu are both near the back, so it's probably them getting hot from playing games. They put the Cpu and Gpu near the back so they could make it so the fans blew out the back of the computer and not on you. I like Alienware.



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