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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraGSM View Post
    ^^ to me looks like it may not represent how it actually goes apart, its computer graphical CAD design kinda thing, so it not necessarily means it is what it is, just the motherboard I think represents most of the true in the picture
    Yeah, because if it were a 'real life' image, we would see the silver shafts of the display mounts in the square holes close to the left gpu and end of the cpu pipes....as for mounting an R3 panel on an R2 chassis, it might or might not physically work. It certainly would be very difficult to connect it all up because the cables etc are different. WideZu and AW MarkO were discussing this in one of the other new threads - pretty much said that it would not be compatible because of this.
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    i love the way alienware design their fan system, it is very easy to maintain, cleanup E.T.C . Had a XPS dureing the old days when AW wasnt Dells, and the fan system on those where horrible to just clean up

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    so any real life image of the new 18 yet?


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