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    Default Freeze HWinfo64 (only after gaming)-M18x R2-


    i have a weird issues on my m18x R2, i can start hwinfo64 no problem after a fresh boot or reboot, but if i play any game (left 4 dead 2 or mechwarrior online) for example . then quit and start HWInfo64 mouse become "sticky" and then system FREEZE. have to hold power to shutdown.

    this is just weird!

    also hwinfo64 fan control i only have fan 1&2 . i cannot control fan 1 alone or fan2 alone .,. and i cant control fan 3 ?....

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    Any why it freeze and why i only have 2 fan control?

    thank you

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    Default Re: Freeze HWinfo64 (only after gaming)-M18x R2-

    You have 7970M CrossFire, correct? This has been a problem for a number of people. I had a Windows update that was conflicting somehow with the video drivers that was causing this and rolling back with System Restore before the last round of Windows updates fixed it.

    If you are not using the correct sensor settings it can also cause it. Check yours against those shown in the image below and set them to match if they do not already.

    [click to enlarge image]

    All the fan controls on laptops are simultaneous like a desktop chassis fan. You cannot control them individually. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about.
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    Default Re: Freeze HWinfo64 (only after gaming)-M18x R2-

    alright setup up hwinfo like yours. will see if it still apend ,. yes i have 7970m in crossfire...



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