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    Default Volume control and FN key dont work

    Just installed windows 7 64-bit on a m17x-r1 and followed the Drivers list off this site. I did not mess with any of the BIOs drivers and the E-SATA drives wouldn't load. Volume works and I can control it from the little speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen; The volume-slider-control just above the keyboard to the left of the power button does not. It lights up when I touch it but does not adjust volume. The blue-tooth, Wifi, etc. buttons to the right of the button work, but the alienware picture-icon-thing that flashes in the upper left of the screen when you use them does not show up.

    The FN key that lets you use the alienware specific alternate F1 - F12 buttons does not work. (i.e. eject, mute, Tpad, etc.)

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    Default Re: Volume control and FN key dont work

    Sounds like the OSD (on screen display) drivers are not installed. I think they need .net framework 3.5 to work as well, so make sure windows updates installed that first then try installing the OSD.
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    Default Re: Volume control and FN key dont work

    True, you might be missing the OSD, It is listed on drivers and downloads under the applications tag.
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