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    Default Re: Can M17xR4 with 7970M use the AMD 12.11 Drivers?

    Well the A09 has been officially listed, did upgrade ... And. Have begun a clean install of win7 on my SSD ....however I am a bit confused on this point whether one has to install the intel gpu drivers and THEN the 7970M drivers during a clean-install....

    Alienware M17x R4: Initial Drivers Installation | Dell

    On this dell page (referenced by dell ppl. Here on NBR) seems to me one has to install IGP and then ATI's drivers...is that correct?
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    Default Re: Can M17xR4 with 7970M use the AMD 12.11 Drivers?

    Quote Originally Posted by paradigm View Post
    You are right the A09 is available but it doesn't come up as an update required by the laptop...so I took that as a sign that perhaps AW didn't want us messing with the bios, secondly, can some one direct me as to where I can find out this enduro implementation, as my understanding was this was going to be a change from the r3 as the r4 was mux-less.....

    Also, when I installed the 12.1 beta's, I had this mad flickering happening over the left side of my laptop......any idea why? Or is it generally experienced and goes away after some time?
    For the BIOS I'm on A04 and when i go through Alien Autopsy, it tells me I should upgrade to A09 for critical fixes and other stuff.
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