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    Default [Guide] Nvidia Drivers Clean Install

    How to: Remove your Nvidia GPU Drivers. Guide by Bradley Worthington, Overclock.net .

    Firstly, driver cleaners have been known to cause issues in the long run. This method will show you how to safely remove every file and registry entry created by Nvidia if you wish to upgrade, move to AMD or are having current issues with your installation.

    Before you start, do NOT do any of the steps in safe mode. This is due to programming changes in the "Nvidia compiled package" of software.

    step 1.
    Go to add and remove programs and uninstall all Nvidia software. A few system restarts might be required. It's best to remove the display driver first. This is automaticaly uninstall everything but the 3D and physix drivers.

    step 2.
    Go into folder options (Type folder opt in the windows 7 start menu search).
    Folder options can also be found in control panel. click view, then click "show hidden files and folders". Apply.
    Go onto your C drive (Which ever drive windows is installed on) and delete the Nvidia folder.

    step 3.
    Go into program files folder. Remove the NVIDIA Corporation folder.
    Repeat this step for the program files x86 folder.

    step 4.
    Go into program data and remove all Nvidia folder/s.

    step 5.
    Go into users, "your user name", App data and then Roaming. Remove the Nvidia folder. You might also want to take a quick look in the "Local" folder for Nvidia folders, but this is unlikely to be.

    step 6.
    Go back into folder options and click "Don't show hidden files, folders and drives"

    step 7. Go into registry editor. Type "Regedit" into the start menu search and press enter.

    step 8. (Caution, follow instructions carefully)
    Look at the left side of your screen. We will be navigating through some folders here. Use the arrow at the side of a folder to open it for extended options.

    Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER - Software and click NVIDIA Corporation. Don't click on the arrow at the side of the nvidia folder. We don't want to extend this folder. Just click the actual folder or folder name once to highlight it. Press the delete key on your keyboard.

    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SOFTWARE and click the NVIDIA Corporation folder. Again, don't extend this folder. We just want to highlight it. Once highlighted, press the delete key on your keyboard. Now extend the Wow6432Node folder and highlight the NVIDIA Corporation folder. Once highlighted with the click of the mouse, press the delete key on your keyboard.

    step 9. Close regedit and your good to go.

    Please note, you might not see some of the Nvidia folders listed in these instructions. Why might you not? because the uninstaller might have removed them, which is good. For those folders left behind, steps 1 to 8 will ensure you find and delete them.

    How to: Remove your Nvidia GPU Drivers.

    To find Roaming and Local\Temp folders use Win key+R type "AppData">Local folder>Temp>delete Nvidia files>Roaming>delete Nvidia folder.

    This is the thoroughest and safest method also necessary when upgrading GPU.
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