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    Quote Originally Posted by widezu69 View Post
    Wait @scarlet did you get the 8 beeps after you fiddled with the modded A08 bios to try and turn off the iGPU? If so then try a blind bios recovery.
    I currently also have this 8 beep problem, and the reason is exactly what you said, so I want to ask you how to do that "blind BIOS recovery"? Is it the same for other Alienware laptop? Because I also do a Google search and found some How-to result, however it is for M17x/M18x only. So if possible can you shed some light? Thanks.

    EDIT: I've done what the instruction in that thread (Found other thread design for M14x as well but the instruction is same so I use this one) said and unfortunately it doesnt seem to work for me, because it said wait for the beeping to stop and it will auto boot, but for me when I do it, yes the fan power up to the maximum but I didnt hear any beep so I leave it for like 3-4 hours and it still not beep or anything so either I might have done something or the BIOS is completely corrupt.
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    my first R3 from the factory had 8 beeps and never turned on. they replaced the gpu, heatsink, mobo, keyboard and it still didnt work. i ended up getting another brand new one from the factory and its been a dream ever since. I got 5 beeps when i swapped out my gpu, but a bios reset fixed that. Runs great now. never new why my first R3 was a lemon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ValkerieFire View Post
    This is why I am not messing with mine. Optimus isn't great but it doesn't completely suck either, I see no reason to mess with it.
    Should try out a 460m, then you'll change your mind
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