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    Default Fan control utility

    Is there one that will work on the m17x R2 I havent found one I would just like to control the fan speeds. anyone know where i can find one Speedfan, rivatuner didnt work

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    Default Re: Fan control utility

    Google "SpeedFan Download" to download it, but that won't work. I don't believe there is a fan controller for laptops.
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    Default Re: Fan control utility

    There isn't soft to do that.
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    Default Re: Fan control utility

    Unfortunately since i8kfangui is no longer in development there is no real way to control your fanspeeds on laptops.

    I used to use that program on my Inspiron E1705 and it was the best (actually kept that thing running despite the graphic card problems that plagued that line for a long time)

    So, unless he decides to go back in to developing the program (not likely) we are SOL


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    Default Re: Fan control utility

    The 17x has more than adequate cooling. I wouldn't worry much about it. Just be sure to allow for unrestricted air flow to the bottom of the system and you will be fine.



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