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    Default 5920G Classic skin, new machine

    First of all i want to say hello. It is my first post but at the same time it is my second year here. You guys are the best and I nead your help.

    After messing with smartphone, PC, and my toaster, time has come to mess with my good ol' friend. T9500 and 4670 were the two most delicate matters. The processor is working allmost as expected. The IDLE temperature maby could be a little lower than 35-40 C and up to around 65 C when under stress. Problem is the graphic card.

    These are the steps that I made:
    1. Bios upgrade,
    2. After that I have removed old video card and cleaned the fan and heat sink,
    3. I have removed the thermal pads (I kept them) and put some Arctic Silver,
    4. New card was installed in the slot
    5. Original vBios backup and upgrade to newest, old Nvidia driver was uninstalled and I have also used driver cleaner software and in the end new driver was installed (13.9 official).

    The problem is, that from the moment, when new video card was installed in PCI-e slot it started to overheat so much, that I had to use external cold air supply to finish the job (maby I shouldn't install new card in the slot before having old drivers removed). I have managed to down volt the card from 1.2 to 1.0 and also down clock to match 4650 scecs. Now the laptop's videocard is generating 55-60 C in IDLE and 90C under stress. Maby I shouldn't remove those thermal pads because they have their own thickness and applying thermal paste in amount matching reasonably pads thickness it's not the way to go. Should I return to thermal pads?
    Also there might be some problem with video card vBios. At entering normal BIOS I can clearly hear that fan is running at max revs. My question is: shouldn't vBios load just after BIOS and before system boot up? In my case, from what I see, vBios is being loaded with drivers during system boot up. And by that vBios is not permanently loaded. Before system start's up it is clear, that 4670 has manufacturer settings as default, and not my settings, that is why it heats so quickly and fan revs are jumping up so fast when I turn on the laptop. Software I used: ati winflash 2.6.7, RBE 1.28. Video card is MSI Mobility 4670 512 ddr3.

    I will be very grateful for any help.

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    Default Re: 5920G Classic skin, new machine

    Remove the pad between the GPU core and the heat-sink and replace it with 16x16x0.5~0.9mm copper shim. There are plenty over eBay, different sizes and thickness. The results would be MUCH better. You'll be able to run it @1.1v stock clocks (675/800).
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