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    Default Problem with "Notebook Lid Switch" - Screen turns off automatically

    My old notebook: Acer Aspire 1410 ZL1 (3000 Series)
    And here it is:

    Problem Description:
    We connect the laptop and the screen backlight turns itself off after 1s. Pressing the "Closing Lid Switch" and it comes on for 1s and then turns off (either if we get into the bios or boot the OS, there is no backlighting, and the procedure is the same, if 1s is to put pressure stays on then turns off)

    My assumption:
    The mechanical switch of the Screen Lid broke down (its not stuck, just does not work), and I intended to make a "bypass" via a "shunt" (curt-circuit) in order to disable the action of the switch and keep the screen always "ON", so the switch function becomes disabled.

    My question:
    Which the pins should I "shunt" or short-circuit in order to disable it (keep informing the board that screen is on)

    Following are some pictures of the "Mechanical Lid Switch" of the Acer notebook:

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Problem with "Notebook Lid Switch" - Screen turns off automatically

    This is a rather late reply (I doubt the OP will ever read it), but I'll still post my makeshift solution for anyone else having a similiar problem.

    I've got an Acer Aspire 5040 from 2007, and a while ago the screen's light went off. It was possible to see stuff on the screen, but only by applying external light such as a lamp. I initially suspected things like OS errors, loose components, the screen inverter, harddrive, excess electrical charge, or power supply to be the problem, but eventually found that poking the lid switch (http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/9...llidswitch.jpg, sorry for bad image) would turn the light back on - if only for a second. In other words, the same as the OP describes.

    I likewise assumed the problem was caused by a faulty lid switch, and my solution was to simply screw open the laptop and physically disconnect its wires (without destroying it, althought it no longer serves any function) from the rest of the comp. After turning the comp back on the light did not instantly appear, and eventually the comp even crashed, displaying a blue screen of death. Before I was able to read the error description the comp restarted itself, ran a system check, and has since worked fine. While I'm unsure, the error might've been related to how I had not properly re-connected the keyboard.

    Part of why this solution worked is possibly because my comp has (had) a mechanical lid switch. I don't know if a similiar problem can be fixed as easily if the comp uses a magnetic one, or perhaps other types.

    EDIT: It seems disabling the lid switch did not completely fix the problem after all. The screen will stay on for much longer than before, but still blacks out after 5-20min or so. Placing the computer in standby will seemingly begin a new "session" when reactivating it, but the crashes are still too random to make the computer fully usable. At best, it can be used normally over very short amounts of time. I've yet to discover the problem's main cause.
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