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    Default How to access RAM in Aspire 5253

    I just got the Aspire 5253 and am really pleased with it (for the price, of course) but am having one issue -- I purchased a ram upgrade for the system but I am unable to access the memory slots to install it.

    There is a panel on the bottom which is clearly marked as the one to remove to access the HD and RAM, and it is held on by two screws, or so I thought. I have removed both screws, but the panel is actually held on by something else and I am pretty sure that if I pry any harder, it will break.

    I read in the newegg user reviews that another user had this very problem and did in fact end up breaking it off. They said it wasn't the end of the world because the screws still held the panel in place ok, but alas, I simply can't bring myself to physically break my brand new laptop -- especially because it might not break in the exact same harmless way for me. Am I missing something? Do I need a special tool to open the access panel?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: How to access RAM in Aspire 5253

    Take a look at this photo as an example of how it may look.

    There's a small cavity that you should use to pry it a bit and then move in the direction of the RAM (where vents are in the hatch) where you have to pry three plastic latches. Use a thin screwdriver to do that.
    You'll manage- first time you open it it's always hard.

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    Default Re: How to access RAM in Aspire 5253

    These covers are held by small plastic tabs, once you remove the screws just pierce them out with your finger nails very slowly without applying too much pressure.



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