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    Default eRecovery can not be installed - 1.Bootable File


    I have an Aspire 6920 running its original vista x64.

    I created the recovery disks (3 DVDs) through the eRecovery management when I first purchased the computer, and got rid of the recovery partition with EASUS soon after. (I wanted the extra disk space =P)

    I've recently decided to send my computer back to its factory default state, only to realize my eRecovery Management installation is no longer functional. I tried reinstalling it, resulting in an error message:

    eRecovery can not be installed - 1.Bootable File

    I went over the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling the entire Acer Empowering Technology software pack, and all but eRecovery was able to install properly.

    I will provide further information on my machine upon request, please help me out.

    Many Thanks.

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    Default Re: eRecovery can not be installed - 1.Bootable File

    Reformat the hard drive making two partitions and try again .

    Basically , for 100% success , it must be repartitioned as when it came from factory.
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