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    Default Acer Aspire 4810T problem

    Hi everyone!

    I am what you would call a computer dummy, but I know enough to understand that there's something serious going on with my new Acer that I bought a month ago. While I'm working on it(internet explorer, msn, not too many things running), somehow it gets 'stuck' and doesnt work properly, very slow etc. If i"m lucky, task manager works, and I open it only to find that my cpu usage is at 100%, whereas the programs running shouldnt be anywhere NEAR that usage. I tried to see what processes are running while the cpu usage is at 100% but as I said i"m not an expert, so I couldnt see something. I took it to the Acer distributers here in Cyprus, and they said that it had caught a virus(while having nod32 installed) and they reformatted it. But ever since I got it, this happened twice in 4 days. And I'm sure it has no virus, I have Kaspesky installed and did scans. And right now, it's working perfectly. And it did all day, till this afternoon, with no apparent reason.

    I'm really worried and have no idea what to do about this. Is it worth taking it to someone else? Is it windows vista that's creating the problem or my computer?

    Thanks a lot for you answer.

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    Default Re: Acer Aspire 4810T problem

    There is a thread about this 100% problem and a solution
    Acer Timeline CPU 100% problem

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    Default Re: Acer Aspire 4810T problem

    Hello Annie from Cyprus .

    I do have some tips for you .

    For start you should know , that the laptop works on full speed only with the DC power supply , and in battery it should manually configured to run at full speed .

    Next , throw away the current anti-virus software , and download the Free AVIRA ..
    Its a good software light weight , makes the laptop to be more fast .

    Next , you could use Firefox , as main browser , its safer from getting infections , that interferes with Windows operating system .

    Last move , download also " Spybot - Search & Destroy " ,
    its free , and will heal any issues .

    Happy computing .
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    Default Re: Acer Aspire 4810T problem

    Sorry for my english.

    I think i solved the problem with freezing/not recognized dvd-rw/sound ....
    It's very fast now.
    So...i did everything i read on the web...nothing worked.

    You'll need to reinstall the OS.

    I installed the update for BIOS (not sure if needed, but i deed and worked)
    and I also changed the "SATA MODE" FROM AHCI ----> IDE. (pay atention, this is THE SOLUTION)
    In BIOS second tab (dont remember the exact name).
    And i reinstalled everything again.
    If you will just change the mode, the os will not boot-up anymore.

    I made this account just for sharing this with you.
    It's a beautiful device .... but i think i will return it back.
    this is the link to acer's support



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