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    Default charge your laptop in the car!

    i found a product from targus which enables you to charge your laptop in the car.but as you know extensa series are not much listed in the products even in acer product list!so when i wanted to choose a device for my laptop it showed a list but i didnt find extensa6601.what do u recommend to choose?do you suggest this product?is it convenient?
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    Default Re: charge your laptop in the car!

    Hi satellite,
    Targus has a car chargers with different connectors, and an universal transformer for voltage. It has its maximum power that can deliver. In my opinion the thing is that you check what voltage your nb is on, the maximum power (you can find this on your original power tranformer) and then see if Targus can deliver it. For example mine is:
    Voltage 20V
    Current 4.5 A
    Power is therefore 20x4.5=90W

    That is what Targus should deliver if I want to connect my notebook to it.

    The other thing is that you actually can use a bit weaker transformer/power supply (am I using the right english word here?) of lets say 75W because the total power doesn't have to be at max all the time. Notebook is not always at 100% usage. So I would try it even with 75W power.

    Hope it helps,

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    Default Re: charge your laptop in the car!

    i would suggest that you get a standard inverter they can be had for 30$ and convert 12 volts to 110 volts then just plug your charger into the outlet and your laptop will charge normally just like at home. i have ran a inverter in a truck for a few years and it really works great for running small 'beer' freages and charging batterys

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    Default Re: charge your laptop in the car!

    I used a standard inverter to fire up my notebook in CCity's parking lot. Why buy a proprietary solution when a regular inverter will do the job.

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    Default Re: charge your laptop in the car!

    Agreed. And a standard inverter is guaranteed to support your next laptop or tv or whatever you want to power from a cigarette lighter socket



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