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    Default Re: Acer Aspire 3610

    Quote Originally Posted by lyerx View Post
    this prove that 910gml chipset can support 533fsp,haha
    Yeah, I wouldn't count on it, we never seen any pictures or screenshots...so it didn't happened

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    Default Re: Acer Aspire 3610

    3610 and 2410 , are the same boat , i have do all the possible upgrades too.

    Pin mod too.

    There is some more in depth info about this laptops .

    There is actually 3610A & 3610 and also 2410A & 2410.
    The Ver A , its the better ones that can handle pin mod .

    In my laptop, i could not tell what rev was ... so i did it and it worked.

    IC Chipset(North Bridge On Mainboard)(FW82801FBM/SL7W6)

    About the CPU race .... well the most speedy cycles demands more power.
    The electronics inside must be capable to offer it , or they will BURN.

    I selected one CPU that it will not stress anything that much.
    I did the upgrade at summer time, and the laptop worked smooth.
    Now in winter , works smoother ..

    Intel® FW82801FBM Chipset Features



    533 MHz Front Side Bus

    Up to 33% increase in Front Side Bus bandwidth over the previous generation.

    Support for dual channel DDR2 400/533 MHz memory technology

    Up to 60% improvement in peak memory bandwidth and average power savings over DDR memory.

    Discrete Graphics

    Supports a high speed PCI Express* graphics interface for the most demanding gaming and workstation applications.

    Intel® Stable Image Technology

    Supports a unified graphics driver. Enables hardware changes without impact to IT software image stability.

    Serial ATA

    Provides up to 150 MB/sec transfer rate for disk traffic.

    Direct Media Interface (DMI)

    With up to 2 GB/sec concurrent bandwidth, DMI provides up to 4x faster I/O bandwidth compared to previous Intel proprietary Hub link I/O interface.

    Integrated high speed USB 2.0

    Support for eight USB 2.0 peripherals for maximum 40x faster data transfer and backward compatible to support USB 1.1 devices.

    Intel® High Definition Audio

    New audio specification enables increased bandwidth for high quality audio and support for Dolby* Technologies. Also enables power savings during audio activity.

    PCI Express* Bus Architecture

    Enables the next generation of discrete graphics and I/O. Delivers up to a 4 times increase in discrete graphics bandwidth and 2 times the I/O bandwidth. Also supports the latest industry peripherals like ExpressCard*. Low pin count offers maximum bandwidth per pin.
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    Default Re: Acer Aspire 3610

    Quote Originally Posted by ATG View Post
    Yeah, I wouldn't count on it, we never seen any pictures or screenshots...so it didn't happened
    actually there's several on youtube.

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    Default Re: Acer Aspire 3610

    You can pin-mod the 915GM/PM chipset, but not the 910GML. I didn't find no vids for 910GML. (Just one lame AS3610 vid)

    The OP here was just babbling about having a Socket M fit his notebook, etc which is all BS.

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    Default Re: Acer Aspire 3610

    I have the same model of (craptop) laptop (3610) and I have found it to be, rather... slow.

    A 910 chipset will not work with the 7x0's but the 7x5's from what I gather in this topic, however as with the OP's questionings I am wondering if there is an easier way to identify the chipset. My board came with a slightly smaller hard drive than the others sold, and less RAM (which I promptly upgraded to 1 gig, and kept the other 256 chip in it).

    I would really like to be able to upgrade this pile of junk to something respectable, without killing my wallet. 533mhz ram would be nice, 2 gigs of it nicer, as would a working 7x0 chip without too much modification effort. I see that there were several low-voltage Pentium M's as well - and they are 7x8's, I would like to know if these can be used as well. Primarily I am looking at the 7x0s as the 7x0 line goes up to the 780 (hail satan).

    Other than ripping the entire thing asunder, is there any way, any tool, heck, anything I can do to check it? Even when I install drivers it conflicts with itself about what chipset it has.

    Oh, and if this helps at all - it can run Spore, which is really naggy about its hardware requirements. However the Creature Creator ran fine, and I would assume it was a 915 to pull that off - not a 910. But then again, I have no idea.

    This is why I like desktops... the ability to see, and know, without question, what a unit is*

    *With the exception of clone boards made in China. them all.

    Edit: One more question - how far up the Celeron M line can this pile of putrefaction go?


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