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    Default Acer 5672 keeps rebooting (hardware issue)

    My Acer laptop keeps restarting on me in very quick succession.

    Here is how it all started. I forgot to shut down my laptop, closed the laptop cover, put it in my neoprene bag and forgot about it. About 2 hours later came home and saw the power light was still on (which I thought was odd). I plugged in the power cable and started off the computer. It ran fine for about 15 minutes but then it restarted. Then it ran for about 8 minutes and restarted abruptly again .

    That point onwards, I have not been able to boot into windows. I know its a hardware issue since EVEN BEFORE I can select that I want to boot into safe mode, it restarts. Sometimes it restarts even before letting me go into BIOS.

    This is what is confusing me soo much. I thought something is wrong with hardware but once in BIOS, the laptop runs fine !! Keeps running normally in BIOS as long as I want it to run.

    My guess is that the hardware memory is somehow corrupt. Maybe a heat issue (but BIOS runs ok for as long as I want).

    I really hope its fixable because my thanksgiving shopping has made me bankrupt. Not to mention that the laptop is not in warranty anymore

    Any help/suggestion ? I'd be REAALLYYY thankful !!!

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    Default Re: Acer 5672 keeps rebooting (hardware issue)

    do you have windows disk can you run chkdsk on hard disk?

    you say you can,nt get in safemode if you can get into check event logs

    if stay runing for long enoght

    I wound if okay in bios cause start the fan seem keep runing

    does it seem like it get hot?
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    Default Re: Acer 5672 keeps rebooting (hardware issue)

    Latest Update:

    1) I took my hard-disk out, backed-up all the data

    2) Formatted the hard-disk (using KillDisk)

    3) Used Windows Vista to create NTFS partition (format again)

    4) Tried installing windows Vista

    5) System rebooted during installation.. but I made sure it installed vista successfully

    6) EVEN after installing Vista it's giving me the same problem.. keeps rebooting after a while

    7) Ran CheckDisk on the hard-disk

    8) Used SpinRite (booted from SpinRite disk) to find some surface problems (system reboots during SpinRite operation)

    I am totally clueless what the problem is. I was betting my money on the hard-disk bad sector.

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    Default Re: Acer 5672 keeps rebooting (hardware issue)

    If you have two sticks of memory (RAM), try removing one then the other and see if that works.

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    Default Re: Acer 5672 keeps rebooting (hardware issue)

    it is definitely heat issue. BIOS will run finr because it dont use that much cpu resource. if u want to solve this problem urself, u can open it up,then clean the heatsink and fan.if u want to make it cooler change the thermal compound. if u want to solve it the easy way, bring it to some local computer shop. they'll easily fix it. ^^
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