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Thread: 5920 or 5920G?

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    Default 5920 or 5920G?

    Is there a difference between these two? All the benchmark tests I have found seem to be coming up the same, but some prices I found are ridiculously different.
    Also wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy one of these.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: 5920 or 5920G?

    THe difference is the Graphikcard and the memory!(i think so)
    +5920 - shared 256MB (only) - 160GB
    +5920G- 256MB own and ca. 730MB shared -200GB
    i think itīs the only difference.

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    It is the best,Notebook!!!!! but for this price ,GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: 5920 or 5920G?

    I think I was looking at a different model for the 5920.
    The cheaper one has a 1.5g processor, but I'm wondering how much of a difference i'll see in gaming between a 1.5g processor and a 2.0gig with higher cache.

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    Default Re: 5920 or 5920G?

    I thought there was only 5920G
    Last edited by baia; 9th September 2007 at 07:41 AM.

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    Default Re: 5920 or 5920G?

    Quote Originally Posted by baia View Post
    I tought there was only 5920G
    That's what I think too. Sometimes I believe that some resellers just accidentally left out the "g".

    Btw, there is already a thread discussing the variations of 5920G. There is about 5-6 different versions. Search the forum.

    Lastly, if you live in the US you're out of luck. Offering in the US is very limited. There is only the low-end 1.5ghz model and ridiculously overpriced 2.0Ghz/200GB model. In gaming however, the processor is not going to make a big difference.

    To FlinsX, the video card specification should be the same on EVERY 5920(G).
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