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    Default No Shutdown On 5920 With XP Solution

    Hey guys,

    I put it in the other thread but think it deserves a thread of its own

    If you have installed xp on your 5920 and find it wont shut down, uninstall the web cam driver from add/remove programs.

    Re-boot and all will be fine. windows will use its own driver and the shutdown problems will be gone.

    Well they have for me
    Alienware M18x
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    2x 120gb OCZ Vertex 2e SSD's in raid 0
    2x 5870m's in crossfire
    1920x1200 RGB screen
    intel 6300 WIFI

    HP Pavilion DV6-6060SA for email, browsing and light gaming

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    Default Re: No Shutdown On 5920 With XP Solution

    It was a long way while my XP installation became perfect on my 5920G, but you have put the crown on it Datamonkey. Thanks for you tip, worked perfect!


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    Default Re: No Shutdown On 5920 With XP Solution


    I could've used this information about four days ago.

    Haha, Oh well It doesn't mater any more truely.

    (I'll be selling my laptop asap)



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