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    Default Restore Factory Settings w/o recovery CD and eRecovery

    I'm having problems w/ my acer travelmate 3270 program and planning to restore it into its factory default settings. How do i do that??my notebook is not showing eRecovery, i have no CD recovery, and pressing + at acer logo is not working . How do i do it without buying recovery cd?please help.

    1. When opening control panel and add/remove program icon it does not open.
    2. Sound driver not functioning well. No sound
    3. Always an error appearing at the beginning of the desktop

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    Default Re: Restore Factory Settings w/o recovery CD and eRecovery

    Might not be possible, depending on what you did to get to the state you are in, it's impossible to say whether the D2D recovery would work, nominally I think it's ALT+F10 at the ACER Logo. If that doesn't work I think you are buying the recovery CD/DVD.
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    Default Re: Restore Factory Settings w/o recovery CD and eRecovery

    A standard OEM cd of home or pro will work with your cd key.

    This is a 3rd option.
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    Default Re: Restore Factory Settings w/o recovery CD and eRecovery

    use a standard windows cd(whatever version you are using) and then boot from it. Once you boot off the cd, you can choose repair instead of install. Hopefully this works, if not, just do a fresh install, but slipstream the cd with all the drivers first so its not too much of a pain.

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    Default Re: Restore Factory Settings w/o recovery CD and eRecovery

    If you had a recovery partition and you never deleted it, it's probably still there. It's a hidden partition. If it's there, and for some reason, pressing ALT-F10 at the Acer boot screen doesn't bring up the recovery program...

    You can download and burn any of a number of boot manager programs on a CD. I recommend Super GRUB. After you boot with this, you will be able to see all the partitions you've got. The recovery partition will be the very first one. You can easily boot from it using the boot manager CD and reinstall Windows that way. The recovery partition on Acers is actually a completely separate mini-installation of Windows XP.

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    Default Re: Restore Factory Settings w/o recovery CD and eRecovery

    I would rather try this method Install Factory default, eRecovery it should work regardless os (this installs any factorydefaultimage if you still have a hidden partition)
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