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    Default Lap desk for 17" laptop with mouse pad???

    I have been looking everywhere online for a lap desk that will fit my 17" widescreen desktop replacement laptop as well as have space for a mousepad. So far the best thing I have found is this guy: http://www.staples.com/webapp/wcs/st...&cmArea=SEARCH
    It says it is 22.5" wide so Im hoping that will be enough space but I am concerned that my laptop will get too hot because it has no venting or fans.

    I cant seem to find one with a fan that has a mouse tray and its hard enough to find one at all that fits 17".

    Does anyone have any ideas?!?!


    PS: I just bought a Vostro 1700 with 17" widescreen

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    Default Re: Lap desk for 17" laptop with mouse pad???

    As far as cooling I can't imagine it being any different than having the laptop on a normal desk surface. I would think that should be enough room if you dont use an extremely low mouse sensitivity (where it would require you to move your hand more than a few inches to use it).

    But I personally wouldn't carry one of those around. Thats just too much considering you are already carrying a 17" laptop. Where do you need to use it on your lap?
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    Default Re: Lap desk for 17" laptop with mouse pad???

    Try this company
    Some where here at NBR someone reviewed one of these lap desks.

    The Laptop Desk Ultralite has a 22 inch span and weights 15 ounces.

    good luck
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    Default Re: Lap desk for 17" laptop with mouse pad???

    I have been looking also for a good desk/tray to put my new laptop on, while sitting on the couch. I like using a mouse better than the touchpad so it needs extra room for the mouse. I think I've found a good site.

    Try this out: etray.com

    So far, this seems to be the best option. I hope this helps!



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